Scientific goals

FornaX : an XMM Multi-Year Heritage programme

End of 2023, 1 000 hours of XMM observing time have been allocated to perform a deep coverage of the Euclid Fornax Deep Field (X-EDFF).

Map of the Sky in galactic coordinates. The dark blue areas delineate the Euclid Wide Survey. The three yellow spots are the Euclid Deep Fields. XMM is observing the the 10deg2 Fornax field indicated in red.


The 10 deg2 Euclid Deep Fornax Field (EDFF) will be the foremost extragalactic medium-area deep field  and we aim to enhance its legacy value by providing the X-ray view by mapping the entire EDFF at 40 ks depth. The XMM data will enable major advances in the study of AGN and galaxy clusters, including:

•Deep characterisation of Euclid-detected clusters and their selection function.

•Robust measures of cluster scaling relations to z = 1.5 and the group regime.

•The study of rare clusters and AGN in a variety of environments; and revealing the link between AGN feedback and star formation to z > 3.

•We will deliver a complete, validated multi-lambda legacy dataset that will greatly enhance the AGN and cluster science from the  full 15,000 deg2 Euclid Wide Survey.